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Do not choose your wedding photographer before reading this!!

5 points to consider before choosing your wedding photographer

Although with this day and age time is very limited, dedicating time to choose the right photographer is of utmost importance. Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will have to take and can’t go wrong. This is due to the fact that the only things that remain after the wedding (except the rings and some leftover food J) are the photos that you are going to keep and cherish for life.

I am going to go through 5 important key points to keep in mind when choosing your wedding photographer in Malta.

  • Ask the photographer to check your date for availability and never ask for prices before meeting

Before starting any discussion with a photographer be sure that your wedding date is set and check if the photographer is available for your special day. There is no use loosing time with a photographer if he is not available. Time is precious and is a limited resource both for you and also for the photographer. Most professional photographers have a very busy life and wasting time is surely not in their agenda. Never ask for prices before getting to know the photographer. Deciding on a wedding photographer over a price is not the best of ideas both for you and the photographer.

  • Visit his website and his social media

All professional wedding photographers have a website and are normally active on social media. Check out his website and check if it is updated regularly with fresh new work which resonates with the style you are looking for. Also check out his social media. From social media one can get a lot of information regarding the person and the business that he runs. One really good tip is to check if you have any common friends and see if he shot their weddings. If so, contact those friends and ask them how the service they got from that particular photographer/business was. If someone had a good service from a wedding vendor they will definitely be glad to help and recommend him for the good service they received.

  • Visit the photographer at his studio/office (except for destination weddings)

Although visiting a photographer at his studio/office might be time consuming, it is the most important step in choosing the right photographer that will capture the memories which you will keep for life to treasure. Only by visiting the photographer you get the opportunity to meet him in person, and see if the photographer is a good people’s person. One of the most important qualities of a wedding photographer is that he is a friendly guy and knows how to manage stress. You are going to spend your special day with him and you surely don’t want to have someone to stress you out instead of helping you. It is of utmost importance to talk to the photographer which is going to be at your wedding directly and not a sales person, as this will ensure that the photographer chosen is right for you. It is very important to make sure that the photos you are seeing are his and not somebody else’s.

Meeting him in person and asking the right questions will also demonstrate if the photographer you are hiring has the right knowledge in the business and is experienced enough. There are too many amateurs with a camera out there, and you surely don’t want to have your wedding documented by an inexperienced individual.

  • See if the style he is offering is what you are looking for

Photography is an art. All photographers have their own and unique creative style. Make sure that what the photographer is presenting you is the style you are looking for. This will only ensure that the final result will meet your expectations. Many photographers also use image enhancing (editing) to enhance the images. This is also a personal creative style, so make sure that the photographer’s editing techniques are to your likings.

  • Check your budget

Choosing a photographer, especially a wedding photographer, can be a difficult and tricky task. I think one final important thing to consider is your budget.

Price is not a guarantee of quality and service, but certainly you improve your chances of getting the photographer that ticks all the right boxes if you can budget more for your photographer. The cheaper you go, the more likely you end up with the part-timer who might let you down. The less you spend, the more likely the photographer will use lower specification equipment to try and create your beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime photos. The best in the business tend to be full-time photographers with lots of experience. They cost more because they invest in themselves – in training, equipment, time dedicated for editing each and every photo individually, and only sourcing the best quality printing and albums.

I hope that with my guide to choosing the right photographer for your wedding, and using your good sense and personal taste, you choose the photographer you deserve for your wedding day.

Photography. Sean Azzopardi a wedding photographer based in Malta shoots weddings in Malta, Gozo and destination weddings. Candid wedding photography for couples who are creative, contemporary and stylish

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