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Pre-wedding shoot...Yes or No?

In my opinion the short answer to this question is definitely yes. A pre-wedding shoot (engagement shoot) has too many benefits one should not miss. We will discuss some of these points as we go along.

-Getting used to the camera before the big day Many couples generally do not have a lot of experience in front of the camera or a profeccional photographer and are very camera shy. Clients ask: “Will I look good in the photographs of my wedding day, as I am not photogenic?” In my opinion there is no one who is photogenic or not, but the difference between someone who looks good in a photograph and someone who doesn't, is the confidence and experience while being photographed. You can only get comfortable by spending time in front of the camera and getting to know the photographer better. So opting for a pre-wedding will give the confidence needed for your big day.

-Getting to know the photographer better One other point to keep in mind, is that during a pre-wedding photoshoot a relationship starts being built between the client and the photographer. This is very beneficial, since it is better to have someone you know shooting your images then someone you never met before. Remember the photographer is the person you will be spending most time with during the wedding day. After the pre-wedding you will get to see the great results the photographer has produced for you, therefore your confidence will be boosted and on the day you will have less things to worry about as you know the photographer will deliver wonderful results.

-Photographer gets to know the couple better An important point to get the best results in your wedding photos is that the photographer will start getting to know you better. Camera angles make a big difference when shooting a person. During the pre-wedding the photographer has the chance to experiment and get to know which angles, smiles, posture and poses the clients like and look good in. Certain people prefer photos from one side as they look better or their hair looks better from a certain angle. Even the smile, some people like a big smile while some others prefer not to show their teeth. These points can only come up if the photographer has shot the client before. This will ensure the photographer shoots the way the clients look their best and with the style they wish.

-Having professional photos Apart from all this, we should keep in mind that you will be getting something out of it also. Firstly, from the pre-wedding photos you have the chance to print a nice welcoming photo for the venue and to attach to your wall after the wedding. Secondly, you can get a personalised guestbook with the photos for the guests to write their comments on. It is known that with a personalised guestbook people sign on it much more then a plain guestbook, as everyone likes to see photos. Apart from the learning experience, all the photos the photographer will produce for you, are something you will keep and cherish for life.

So I will leave it up to you weather to decide if you should opt for a pre wedding or not?

Photography. Sean Azzopardi a wedding photographer based in Malta shoots weddings in Malta, Gozo and destination weddings. Candid wedding photography for couples who are creative, contemporary and stylish

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