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Pre-wedding locations in Malta

Although Malta is quite small, Malta is full of wonderful locations to shoot pre-weddings in. Malta has 4 different styles of locations: sea, nature/landscapes, gardens and old/traditional villages. Pre-weddings can also be shot indoor.


As Malta is surrounded by sea and is only a few kilometers away from any location, having a pre-wedding close to the sea or on a boat, is quite common. When mentioning the sea one can't miss mentioning sunrises and sunsets which are wonderful to see and photographed in Malta. Before choosing a location near the sea, one should take into consideration what style of photographs the couple wants, or if there is any particular theme one would love to have in the photos. The first decision the couple should take is whether they would love a sunrise or sunset to be featured in the shoot. They should think about if they would like a sandy, rocky beach or a nice seascape. These factors all affect the final decision on which location one should choose.

Nature / landscapes

Another option for a wonderful pre-wedding location in Malta, is the lovely nature and beautiful landscapes Malta has to offer. Several couples like to include a theme like a picnic with a nice view or surrounded by nature. Others like to include their car, motorcycle or even playing in nature with their dog.


Gardens are always nice. The advantage of a garden is that it is normally well taken care of. If someone wants to wear something elegant and with heels, a garden is a great place as a pre-wedding location, as it is easier to walk in it than in wild nature.

Old places

Malta has wonderful villages and cities to shoot pre-weddings in. A lot of couples like to do a vintage theme for their pre-wedding, so places like Mdina, Valletta and Birgu and wonderful places with great character to shoot in. For something different, shooting by night will give the couple a completely different set of images.


Indoors is a great alternative if a couple wants something different. Some of the most common indoor locations include the national library in Valletta, the Malta National Aquarium and the Aviation Museum. Another alternative is to do a pre-wedding shoot in a studio with a theme.

Apart from all these, one can do a pre-wedding shoot on the beautiful islands of Gozo and Comino, or even abroad. Some nice cities to shoot a pre-wedding abroad which are very easily accessible are Paris, London, Vienna, Prague and also Rome

Photography. Sean Azzopardi a wedding photographer based in Malta shoots weddings in Malta, Gozo and destination weddings. Candid wedding photography for couples who are creative, contemporary and stylish

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